Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No more Nachos

So lately I've been really angry. Angry about where I am in life. I'm in a total in-between place. Between being a college student and being a mom. I have to take care of everyone, but there is no one to take care of me. I don't enjoy school. I don't enjoy playing mommy to three people who don't respect me as a mother, and they shouldn't. I just feel alone. And no matter what she says, they don't help and they don't seem to care. I cook every night, but I'm done. Tomorrow's menu: sandwiches. Screw you, fish tacos. You may be delicious, but no one else in this house cares anyway!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Um, you can make me fish tacos! Mmm. That sounds delicious!!

Sorry things are rough right now. You're lovely. I hope it gets better.