Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Update 1.

So I'm starting a new section of this blog called Weekend Update. Its exactly what it sounds like: a little update of my weekend!

Friday Night: worked at the tanning salon then headed to the girls' apartment and after, Bethany's 19 birthday party. Got to see some old friends. Back to the apartment, hung out with a random bunch of pals.
Saturday: worked at the tanning salon again :) and then headed home to get ready for the Cross Canadian Ragweed and Lucero concert with the whole "family" and Uncle Jon + Pauly too :D we have such a blast, it was amazing, especially when we all sang/danced/screamed/cheered together during our favorite songs. Stayed up far too late and learned about a FAB band called The Avett Brothers, maybe heading to another concert in a few weekends at the lovely cain's ballroom.
Sunday: Coffee, ciggarettes, and family time at the house till I had to be at work. Except I lost my keys and was 30 minutes late. Thank goodness my boss is understanding!!! Its been great, and I think tonight i'll do a little exercising and then more family time.

Gotta Love it.

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