Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Men Who Tan

There are more men who tan than one might think. Young men, older men, in-between men, they all tan. And regardless of their age, they share very similar characteristics! First of all, single men enjoy tanning. I think it makes them feel younger and hotter and more ready for the dating world. These are the guys with a swagger and a smile every time they walk in. They love it when we remember their names and they usually wink. I guess it doesn't matter that some of them are old enough to be our dads, or even grandpas, but none of them are inappropriate/uncomfortable, just silly single old tan guys who will probably turn out a lot more wrinkled than tan! Then there are the married guys. The older married guys are just as silly as the older single guys, usually. They tan because they are going on vacation and their wives don't want them to fry in the tropical sun. All the older guys are very clean about tanning and almost always towel off the bed after they get out so its not dripping in man-sweat. Score for us girls up front! Last, there are the young married guys. Ugh. They never talk, except to tell us their last name. They have to tan because they too are going on vacation. They do not clean up their sweat, which okay, yes its my job, but common courtesy dictates that wiping up your own sweat is probably safer than not. Then there are the far and few young engaged guys. They are the funnest, because they always want to chat it up about their fiance, who also usually tans here, and about their wedding and their careers and futures, which are promising and full of great things to come! I like them the best. Anyway, just thought I'd share some observations! Have a good one, M.

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Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

You made me laugh...
Love, Karyn