Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Family Definition Definition of Family at "any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins."

I come from a beautifully loving and HUGE family.

There were around 45 of us:
3 Siblings

Aunt Joyce, Grandma Cora, Uncle Frank

Then they got married:

Aunt Joyce (Uncle Abe RIP), (Grandpa Earl) Grandma Cora, (Aunt Ruth) Uncle Glenn RIP, Uncle Frank (Aunt Nancy)

Then they had kids, who were cousins, and then they got married! (To not-cousins.)

(Faith)+Tommy, (Laurie)+Paul, Ruth+(Chris), Sue+(Greg), Liz+(Dennis), Becky+Jeff, Peter-(Arlene). Missing-David+(Melelani) and George+(Tracy)

Those kids had kids too, who are second cousins!

Clarisse, Hayden, Grace, Ricky, Sydney, Pierre, Paul, Andre, Gabby, Sami, Hannah, Katie, Kenny, Clarisse, James, Glenn Arthur, Zachary, Seth, Molly Charlotte, Sarah, Isabelle, and Michael. We miss Jason, Daniel, Bethany (Jake+Joshua), Jimmy, Roy, Georgie, and Paige.

My family is all about having fun. We played games, went rock climbing, night swimming in heated lakes, pool volleyball, regular volleyball, ladders. badmitten, tubing on the lake, pool basketball, regular basketball, lots of talking, eating, laughing, remembering, picture looking, loving. We prayed together and shared our stories. We embraced life and it was wonderful.

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